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Often, the question arises about the "right" order for saving, paying down debt and investing. Everyone's situation is unique. 

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The right order

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Steele Investment Counsel, Ltd. is an independent investment advisory and money management firm located in dublin, ohio.


We carefully evaluate the financial objectives and risk tolerances of our clients to develop personalized asset allocations to meet their investment goals.  We manage equity, balanced, and fixed-income portfolios for individuals and select institutions.

To learn more about us, please explore our website and examine the services we provide.  Should you have any questions or desire more information on our firm, call us at (614) 793-8890 or use the "Contact Us" page to send us an email inquiry.


Building Your Wealth


Investors rely on Steele Investment Counsel, Ltd., founded in 1984, to create, preserve and grow their assets through consistent and persistent money management methodologies. We utilize both fundamental and technical analysis as integral components of our research and the buy/sell decision making process.